“Piecework” DVD Fundraising Campaign Launches Today

Today I am launching a fundraising campaign to produce a DVD of my solo show Piecework: When We Were French! To learn how you can participate, please visit my fundraising page.

Since Piecework: When We Were French premiered in 2009, I have toured with it to towns throughout Vermont and New England. The show has met with enthusiastic and emotional responses wherever it’s gone, and I continue to receive regular requests to perform it. A high-quality DVD recording will make it possible for the show to travel without me and to be seen in classrooms, libraries, and living rooms far and wide for years to come.

Did you love the show when you saw it in person? Or did you miss it when it traveled through your neck of the woods? Donate and secure your copy of the DVD today! We hope to raise $7,000 by March 10 — an ambitious goal, but one that can be reached with your participation!

In honor of the fundraising campaign, between now and our March 10 deadline I’ll be posting daily notes about Franco-American history and culture here. Check back to learn more about meat pie, franglais, and the New England activities of the KKK. And follow the project on Facebook and Twitter to track our fundraising progress and help me spread the word!


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