As an actor and theatre artist, I am interested in work that creates experiences of startling intimacy between audiences and performers and tells stories in which people can find themselves. I believe in a theatre that reveals the universal human themes within localized and historicized experiences. My background in comedy informs all the work I do: I am drawn to performances that favour vulnerability and simplicity over spectacle. In an age where technology increasingly isolates us from one another, and particularly from those who are different from us, I see the theatre as a space of encounter and communion, more sacred now than ever before.

“Judevine,” Lost Nation Theater, Montpelier, Vermont


Les filles du QUOI?
Creator of original bilingual solo show exploring French-heritage identities in North America, from La Corriveau to Jack Kerouac. Premiered Montpelier, Vermont, June 2022.

Piecework: When We Were French
Writer, Performer, & Producer of one-person show commissioned for the Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration in Burlington, Vermont. Co-created with director/dramaturg Koby Rogers Hall. Premiered Burlington, Vermont, June 2009. Toured 2009-2011.

The Voices Project
Co-Writer, Co-Director, & Associate Producer of original musical stage production about coming of age in Vermont, produced in collaboration with a teen cast and crew. Premiered and toured Fall 2005. Subsequent feature film adaptation, “Shout It Out!”

Killing My Lobster
Featured writer and performer in more than a dozen original sketch comedy productions by premiere San Francisco comedy collective, 1999-2003.

Complete acting CV available by request.