Ottawater – Issue 9

Normally I would not urge to you download a PDF. Usually, when I download a PDF, it’s because I’m dealing with some kind of bureaucratic bullshit. Most likely there’s a form that needs to be filled out. I will probably end up cursing Jason Kenney under my breath and uttering the phrase, “How does anyone without an advanced degree figure this shit out?”

But this is not that kind of PDF.

Ottawater is an on-line annual of poetry and poetics from my new home base of Ottawa. If you’ve ever doubted that Ottawa has a thriving arts community (I have), this lovely publication will persuade you. I’m so pleased to have four of my poems among the work of so many wonderful writers. Ottawater makes such elegant use of the PDF, you’ll remember those days when we thought the internet might set us free instead of just sell us things. Please download and enjoy.


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