Kerouac: Franco-America’s Favorite Son

Once I learned that Jack Kerouac was Franco-American, I wondered how I had never figured it out on my own: his boxy, square head and dark eyes; his clean part; his humor and his melancholy, intertwined; the alcoholism that killed him; his visionary uprootedness. Suddenly, knowing his origins in a Massachusetts mill town, Ti-Jean Kerouac, … More Kerouac: Franco-America’s Favorite Son

Honourable Mention: John Newlove Poetry Prize

I was feeling some warm fuzzies for my new hometown of Ottawa last night at the Ottawa Writers Festival. This year’s John Newlove Poetry Prize winner was announced (not me), along with honourable mentions (including me). And, better than that, I got to sit back and listen to some poems, a too-rare pleasure for parents … More Honourable Mention: John Newlove Poetry Prize

New reviews at mRb

There’s been much discussion of late about the book review — its pitfalls, its merits, its relevance. Does it hurt to be too negative? Too positive? (Here’s a bit of a round-up.) I have enjoyed reading others’ thoughts on the topic, because this is also a discussion ongoing between my ears. My personal considerations are … More New reviews at mRb


Clearly, it’s been some time since I’ve posted an update here. I do have a good excuse, and he’s napping in his crib in the next room. This has been something of a transformative year. Of all the changes parenthood has brought to my life, perhaps the most surprising is (wait for it) a Twitter … More Hoems

National Poetry Month

I don’t usually pay much attention to these officially declared months, even if I do love poetry. (And women’s history and black history and baked beans — you didn’t know? July is National Baked Bean Month. July! Despite the fact that baked beans are clearly a winter food. Clearly. I mean, duh.) But this post … More National Poetry Month