DVD Fundraising Update: A Week 4 Enticement!

On January 22nd, I launched a fundraising campaign to support the production of a DVD of my solo show, Piecework: When We Were French. Yesterday marked the beginning of the campaign’s fourth week, and I’m excited to report that, with 22 days down, we’ve been able to raise 60% of our overall goal. This is encouraging! It is a sign of audiences’ enthusiastic support for the show and their interest in questions of heritage, culture, and identity that the show explores.

Now at our campaign’s half-way point, it’s more critical than ever that we keep up our momentum, which is why I’m offering a special reward for the next ten donors to our campaign.

If you give now, you will receive, in addition to the usual donor rewards, a copy of my chapbook of poems, Other Brief Discourses, published this month by Ottawa’s above/ground press. The poems tell the story of a recent voyage by French explorer Samuel de Champlain to the territories formerly known as New France. It is an imagined encounter between past and present, here and there, sure to delight history buffs and poetry lovers. And the handsome little chapbook can be yours — in addition to the usual rewards — when you donate now.

But be quick! Three lucky donors have already claimed this special enticement, so there are only seven chapbooks remaining. Join the generous donors who have blazed a trail ahead of you, and help us continue the push toward our $7,000 goal. Every donation takes the DVD one step closer to production! Reserve your copy now.


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