Clean Margins

I’m delighted to share that my new chapbook, Clean Margins, recent winner of the Harbor Review Editor’s Prize, is out now. You can read it here!

My sincerest thanks to Allison Blevins and the whole gang at the Harbor Review for inviting these poems in and presenting them so beautifully.

Kind words:

In the midst of a health crisis, Abby Paige’s Clean Margins provides a lightness of line and a clarity of thought on the subject of the body. She writes herself through.
rob mclennan

Paige succinctly portrays the splitting of self that occurs in the midst of trauma. Throughout Clean Margins, we’re reminded of the solitary task of being human. Despite loved ones waiting outside the treatment room, the messy work of illness, healing, and living is ultimately a task each of us toils at alone.
Sarah Sousa

Abby Paige shows how language can hold both enormous pain and tender insight in even its smallest figures. The everyday becomes profound and haunting. Even the simplest language is full of foreboding, yet the beauty Paige creates offers glimmers of the vitality and future we fear to lose.
Leah Souffrant





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