Notable Acts

Every year, the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick, premieres a whole slate of brand new plays. To me, it is the most exciting this about the festival: it encourages the creation of new work and creates an audience for it, something that most theater companies are downright sluggish about attempting.

This year, due to pandemic restrictions, most of the festival’s events will take place virtually, which is great news, because it means that you can attend no matter where you are! I’m delighted to be participating in the reading of a new play by Manitoba playwright Vern Thiessen called, Bluebirds, which focuses on the experiences of three Canadian nurses stationed in France at the end of the First World War. The reading will take place at 2:00pm on July 26; check the festival site for details and to see the whole list of exciting new work they’ll be presenting this year.


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