Franco-American Writers’ Panel

In the past month or two since the social-distancing measures have been in place, the crew at the Franco-American Programs of the University of Maine in Orono has hosted weekly on-line events that they’re calling “Kitchen Table Talks.”  The talks have explored  everything from the role of the French in the American Revolutionary War to spring cleaning as heritage preservation. I’ve been so impressed with how nimbly the Franco Center has transitioned to the Zoom platform, and I’ve found these events to be among the few on-line activities I’ve tried during quarantine that have actually satisfied my desire for social connection. You can see their whole calendar of upcoming events here.

I’m excited to be presenting in conjunction with one such upcoming event. Thursday, May 21, Maine writer and performer Susan Poulin will host a panel of writers discussing how their Franco-American heritage influences their creative work and work habits. Besides Susan and myself, the panel will include poet and editor Steven Riel; researcher and non-fiction writer David Vermette, and playwright Gregoire Chabot. I can assure you that spending some time with this group of thoughtful, creative humans will be a real treat, whether you’re Franco or not. Follow the link below for info on how to tune in by phone or computer:

Franco-American Writers’ Panel
May 21, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time
How does my Franco-American identity show up in my work and my work ethic?
Facilitated by Susan Poulin, with Abby Paige, Steven Riel, David Vermette, and Gregoire Chabot, featuring readings, discussion, and Q&A





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