Erín Moure’s “O Resplandor”

I always get excited when Montreal’s Erín Moure releases a new collection of poems, but it’s an excitement very different from what I feel about other poets’ work. Most of us probably look forward to a new book by a favourite writer like a visit from a friend who lives far away. We anticipate long evenings on the couch together, sharing wild stories about the time that has intervened since our last visit, strengthening our bond. Moure isn’t so cozy. You can’t be sure what you’re going to get. It’s exciting when she releases a new book because the experience of reading it is impossible to anticipate.

Happily, her latest collection, “O Resplandor,” is like a reunion with a mysterious, intriguing, beloved but strange friend who you haven’t even met yet. I offer my review on Rover.


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