“After The Mountain”

McGill-Queen’s University Press recently released Failure’s Opposite, a collection of essays on the work of Canadian poet A.M. Klein, edited by Sherry Simon and Norman Ravvin. Klein was ahead of his time, using his mixed Jewish/francophone/anglophone background to develop a hybrid poetic language that Quebec English-language poets are just beginning to pay tribute to today. … More “After The Mountain”

Gillian Sze’s “The Anatomy of Clay”

My first feature for the Montreal Review of Books appears in their spring issue, which is on-line now. mRb is a great resource for information about the latest books in English published in Quebec, and it’s distributed throughout Canada. It’s also exciting how much poetry they review, a precious rarity! For my piece, entitled Polaroid … More Gillian Sze’s “The Anatomy of Clay”

Joshua Trotter’s “All This Could Be Yours”

I don’t understand why Hollywood insists on marketing movies by comparing them to other movies: “It’s Die Hard meets 2001: A Space Odyssey!” “It’s this year’s Shindler’s List!” Well, I do understand why, but I don’t like the idea that the only way to describe something positively is to compare it to something else that … More Joshua Trotter’s “All This Could Be Yours”

A Blue Ribbon

I’m proud and more than a little bit humbled that my poem, “The Undefended Border,” has won the 2011 Founder’s Prize from RHINO, a Chicago-based poetry journal and collective. I’ve admired their work from afar for a while now; I don’t get to Chicago too often, but their furious poetic activity certainly makes me wish … More A Blue Ribbon

In Good Company

The word “inertia” has a negative ring, but I like the idea of remaining at rest unless changed by a external force, which is how my dictionary defines it. The writing life is something like that — doing time at the desk until some mysterious, meaningful force finally shows up to make the work worthwhile. … More In Good Company