The Bridge

I’m excited to be contributing to The Bridge, “an artistic interrogation, exploration and celebration” of Canada 150 by a whole gang of Fredericton artists. Spearheaded by local theatre company Solo Chicken Productions, the project is part art installation, part historiographic jam session. On the evening of Friday, September 8th, Fredericton’s Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge will … More The Bridge

Franco-Americans, Nativism, and the KKK

All this month I’m posting on topics related to Piecework: When We Were French, my solo show. The play was originally commissioned to honor the legacy of French-Canadian immigration to Vermont and New England. Of course, in the process, it does much more: it explores the immigrant experience more generally; it reveals how the family … More Franco-Americans, Nativism, and the KKK

Documenting Eugenics

All this month I’m posting on topics related to Franco-American history and culture, in honor of my ongoing DVD fundraising campaign. Thus far, most of these posts have been light-hearted in tone, and why not? Franco-Americans are first-class revelers who enjoy a good party and a good song. But it must be acknowledged that the … More Documenting Eugenics