Consider the Cretons

Our Piecework fundraising campaigning is edging ever closer to the $5,000 mark, with less than $400 between us and that milestone as of this writing. Meanwhile, rehearsals have begun for my March performances at Lost Nation Theater, where the DVD will be shot. Production plans are developing with our videographer, Jeff Farber, and we are continuing our fundraising drive to support his work. Have you made your donation yet?

All this hard work puts me in the mind for a snack, and since we’ve already talked about tourtière, today we’ll consider cretons. A meat spread that could, if one was being generous, be compared to paté, cretons is a staple in Quebec grocery stores, and my mother remembers her mother making it from scratch. NPR’s food blog, The Salt, took a look at cretons this past Christmastime, as part of their series on American foodways.

(It’s interesting that the NPR article misuses the word “Acadian.” I think tomorrow I’ll write about the various peoples that make up the North American French diaspora…)


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