Sam & Jim in Hell

Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, two of Ireland’s literary giants, meet on a bridge, overlooking a river that might be the River Liffey, in a place that resembles Dublin — but might it be Hell? The possibility that they’re dead is just one of the questions the two entertain as they wait for — what exactly?

Sam and Jim in Hell is a new work-in-progress by Vermont playwright Jeanne Beckwith, who, since the pandemic started, has immersed herself in the lives and works of Beckett and Joyce. With her new play, she puts these two beloved voices in conversation with each other. I’m delighted to take part in a workshop reading of her new piece with a wonderful ensemble of actors assembled by my friends at Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier, Vermont.

Our virtual workshop performance will take place — of course — on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, at 7:00pm (EST) on Zoom. Visit Lost Nation’s website for all the details and to register. Hope to see you there!


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