Franco-American Book Club

One of the upsides of the current, COVID-centric state of things is that it’s given the Franco-American Center at the University of Maine a broader reach. In the past you had to be near Orono to take advantage of their resources, but since the spring, the Center has hosted some truly great virtual events that could be attended from anywhere. Their fall calendar has included a variety of readings and panels, in addition to a monthly French discussion group. I realize that none of us is really hungering for more screen time these days, but I find that participating in these real-time virtual events really does help to lift the some of the weight of isolation that most of us are carrying.

This week at the Center, I’m hosting a Franco-American Book Club — a friendly and intimate discussion of books by our favorite Franco-American authors or exploring the histories and cultures of North America’s francophone peoples. And you’re invited: Thursday, November 19, 7-8pm (EST)! Bring your own suggestions, and leave with your winter reading list. English and French titles are welcomed, although our conversation will take place in English. Find the Zoom info here.

UPDATE: Click here to view the reading list we assembled. Bon lecture!


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