Best Canadian Poetry 2020

 Cover of the anthology "Best Canadian Poetry 2020," published by Biblioasis  What a nice surprise to find this treasure in my mailbox today: the 2020 Best Canadian Poetry anthology. The pleasure of having my work included was considerable, but it’s even greater now that I see the poets among whose work my little poems are nestled — some familiar names (Amber Dawn, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Margaret Christakos, Ivan Coyote, Erín Moure, Frances Boyle, Rebecca Salazar) and many more to whom I’m grateful to be introduced. These kinds of anthologies are always dicey business (I truly don’t know what “best” means when it comes to poems), but of course it’s an honour to be included in this beautiful little volume. My thanks to editors Marilyn Dumont, Anita Lahey, and Amanda Jerigan, and to Vanessa Stauffer, Meghan Desjardins, and the rest of the team at Biblioasis. You can pick up your copy at their site, or wherever you buy your fine CanLit.


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