For Your Isolation Consideration

How are you holding up? Where I live, we are into our third week of social distancing. We are grateful to be in the safety and comfort of our home while others are out, facing down the uncertainty of these days at greater risk. If you have the ability to stay home, I hope you will do so, and try to take advantage of the mixed blessing of solitude.

If you are here looking for someone with whom to share your solitude, hello. I’m glad you stopped by. Here are a few things I can offer to keep you company in the days ahead.

To watch: My solo show, Piecework: When We Were French, is available for streaming by rental or purchase anytime. If streaming is intimidating, I am still able to ship DVD copies of the show. You can read about the show and find the links to watch it here.

To listen to: The French-Canadian Legacy Podcast has produced a special Covid-19 episode checking in on past guests, myself included. Listening to that, and to their past episodes, is sure to lead you down some rewarding rabbit holes.

To read: I have had two recent publications you might like to add to your quarantine reading list: I review three new collections by Canadian poets in the latest issue of The Montreal Review of Books, and I contributed a long essay on the poetry of Connie Voisine to the latest issue of Résonance. You’ll find all kinds of interesting stuff in both publications.

To follow: In honour of National Poetry Month, I’ll be posting poems all month on my Facebook page, along with links to poets and other artists I love. Follow me there so you don’t miss a thing.


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