Pink Lunch Box

I’m excited to participate this month in the Pink Lunch Box Speakers Series at Fredericton’s Beaverbrook Art Gallery. The gallery’s current artist-in-residence is Danielle Hogan, who is a visual artist, crafter, and founder and curator of the GAG, an on-line feminist art gallery dedicated to highlighting the work of artists often excluded from traditional gallery spaces. I’m grateful to Danielle for the invitation to contribute to the Pink Lunch Box series, which she is organizing as part of her residency.

On Thursday, February 1, I’ll be talking about my approach to solo performance, particularly focusing on breaking the theatrical convention of “the fourth wall.” When an actor takes the stage alone, the audience becomes their scene partner. I’m interested in how this changes the relationship between audience and performer. In my talk, I’ll discuss how this shift guides my work, and why I think it is important for artists and art spaces to consider the fourth wall as they create work, design spaces, and plan presentations. I hope you’ll join us for the whole series of “snack-size” 20-minute talks, 12:30 pm each day from Tuesday, January 30th to Friday, February 2nd.


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