“Piecework” DVD Available NOW!

It has been a long, rugged ride, but the DVD of my solo show, Piecework: When We Were French, is finally available! You can order your copy through Paypal or, if you prefer snailmail, you can use this old-fashioned printable order form.

The DVD is the culmination of almost a year’s worth of work (not including, of course, the show’s life previous to that), the sweat of a small but determined creative team, and the generosity of more than a hundred fans and friends who lent their support to my Indiegogo fundraising campaign earlier this year. Thanks to the success of that campaign, we were able to shoot a live performance of the show at Montpelier’s Lost Nation Theater back in March, and over the summer, Vermont filmmakers Jeff Farber and Paul Gittelsohn patched our footage together to represent the spontaneity and intimacy of live performance on film. The final product reminds me of a concert film: it gives a taste of one night in the show’s life without attempting to replace the live original. I look forward to sharing it with you and to hearing what you think!

Get your copy now!


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