At Long Last, A DVD Production Update

Two months ago, I wrapped up a weekend of performances at Lost Nation Theater and the filming of the DVD of my solo show, Piecework: When We Were French. Since then, I’ve hardly uttered a peep about the project here, in large part because the filming was just the beginning of the work! But I did want to report that things are moving along beautifully. The DVD version of the show is gradually coming to life.

Watching the rough cut of the show was slightly painful, mind you. I’ve never experienced the show as an audience member, and watching myself perform is always bit strange. Have you ever called your own house and listened your own answering machine message? You thought it sounded rather warm and affable back when you recorded it, but it turns out your voice is so nasally and plaintive, you can’t understand how anyone ever calls back. I always have to overcome that feeling when I see myself on screen. That said, it’s such a delight to see the show finally documented and Jeff’s creativity makes the show’s the transition from stage to screen gentle and smooth, I can almost forget myself.

Meanwhile, I’m working with designer Clare Talbot on a beautiful image for the DVD’s packaging; I’ve been in touch with the wonderful musicians who shared their music for my soundtrack; and I’ve been working on assembling the credits and other rewards for the generous donors whose contributions made this production possible. I expect to be able to share more updates with you this month, as the DVD is finalized and prepared for duplication. Thanks for staying tuned!


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