DVD Fundraising Update: 1-Week Total of $2,700

I’m thrilled to report that with our first week of fundraising behind us, we’ve reached almost 40% of our fundraising goal! That’s $2,740, donated by 36 pioneering donors, who stepped forward in these first seven days to show their support.

How to celebrate? The way any good Franco-American would: with a song! Music plays a huge part in quebecois culture, and that’s something that has certainly been preserved among Franco-American descendents. So I thought I would share one of my favorite tunes by the Quebec band, Mes Aïeux (fittingly, My Ancestors). Here is the video for their song Dégénérations and here is a (slightly rough) English translation of the lyrics. Something to tap your foot to this Tuesday morning.

I’ll be tapping mine in celebration of the strong beginning to our first week of fundraising. This surge of early support demonstrates that Piecework: When We Were French is worthy of a wider audience. But we still have a long way to go! With 40 days remaining in our campaign, we have more than $4,200 left to raise. That’s more than $100 a day. Won’t you step forward now to show your support and reserve your copy of the DVD?

Please remember that you can also help out by spreading the word to friends and family through emails, Facebook, and Twitter, and good ole word-of-mouth. And if you’d like to share information with someone without computer access, please contact me. I’d be happy to send them an old-fashioned paper mailer.

Let’s make our second week as successful as the first! Visit our Indiegogo fundraising page now to learn all about the DVD project and how you can support it!


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