“Piecework” and “The Living Past”

I’m excited to attend a gathering of Franco-American artists this weekend at the University of Maine in Orono. It still feels a bit strange to call myself a Franco-American artist, but that’s part of what attracted me to this conference, which is entitled, The Living Past: Franco American Identity in the Modern World. Among the questions posed by the conference organizers: “How can we think and talk about Franco identity in today’s world? How does it continue to inform (or perhaps haunt) our lives?” These questions preoccupy me as an artist, a genealogist, and an immigrant, and I’m always eager to listen to how others are formulating their own answers.

I’m honored that my solo show, Piecework: When We Were French, will be part of the discussion. The performance is open to the public; donations are requested from non-attendees of the conference who wish to attend individual events. Please come and join the discussion.

Performance of “Piecework: When We Were French”
Sunday, May 22, 11am
Soderburg Center in Jenness Hall, University of Maine, Orono

See conference website for more information


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