In Good Company

The word “inertia” has a negative ring, but I like the idea of remaining at rest unless changed by a external force, which is how my dictionary defines it. The writing life is something like that — doing time at the desk until some mysterious, meaningful force finally shows up to make the work worthwhile.

I’m delighted to have three poems in the latest issue of the on-line literary journal Inertia. The issue was guest-edited by poet Sarah Sousa; you can read one of Sarah’s poems in their Issue 8. The current issue is a bit of an on-line reunion of alumni of the Bennington Writing Seminars’ MFA Program. Like Sarah and many of the other writers included, I am a graduate of that program, which, since we’re on the topic, was an excellent example of an “external force”; I have yet to come to rest.

I’m grateful to have my poems in such good company. I hope you’ll visit the issue and find yourself changed.


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