Off to Bennington with “Piecework”

This afternoon I was fortunate to be a guest at the IBM plant in Essex Junction, Vermont, where they were holding a diversity event focusing on Franco-American culture. I was invited to perform my solo show, Piecework: When We Were French, and it was great fun to be part of the day. When I first wrote the show, I envisioned it as something I would be able to travel with and perform in informal, non-theatrical environments, and the IBM show was just that. Without all the theatrical bells and whistles, the piece becomes much more intimate, and it was an honor to performit for those friendly IBMers, many of whom generously stayed behind afterward to share their own stories about meat pie and Catholic school.

Now I’m headed south to Bennington, where I’ll perform at Southern Vermont College in conjunction with a Franco-American event series there. (Here’s the associated story that ran in the Bennington Banner last week.) This is a FREE show, so tip off all your Bennington friends! I’ll be looking for them at Everett Mansion Wednesday night!


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