MCing the Lawn Chair Soiree

Jan Jorgensen, curator of The Lawn Chair Soiree, has planned an evening of eye-popping literary delights for you to cap off her season of events. I’ll have the honour of serving as MC for the evening, and a whole crowd of excellent Montreal writers will share their work. Come lend them your ears!

the lawn chair soiree on Tuesday, May 25th, 7 – 9 pm
le parc des princes, 5293 Ave. du Parc, Montreal

Featuring Sujata Bhatia, Coralie del Roble Duchesne, Jocelyne Dubois, Julie Mahfood, Kirsten Shute, Sandra Sjollema, Rachna Vohra, Paule Guérard and your guest M.C., Abby Paige.


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