New Canadian Media

I recently became Books Editor for New Canadian Media, a website dedicated to news and perspectives from immigrant Canada. Our Books Section is just taking shape, and I see it as an area of the site where we can explore immigrant identities and what it means to move and live between places. I decided to […]

On Writing and Parenting

I have been following admiringly the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter’s occasional series On Writing. Amanda Earl’s piece on using poetry to shepherd herself through a major health crisis lingered with me for weeks, and I identified with Faizel Deen’s thoughts on the writer’s isolation. Mostly, I have coveted the opportunity to contemplate why I write, too. […]

Ottawater – Issue 9

Normally I would not urge to you download a PDF. Usually, when I download a PDF, it’s because I’m dealing with some kind of bureaucratic bullshit. Most likely there’s a form that needs to be filled out. I will probably end up cursing Jason Kenney under my breath and uttering the phrase, “How does anyone […]

New reviews at mRb

There’s been much discussion of late about the book review — its pitfalls, its merits, its relevance. Does it hurt to be too negative? Too positive? (Here’s a bit of a round-up.) I have enjoyed reading others’ thoughts on the topic, because this is also a discussion ongoing between my ears. My personal considerations are […]


Something about seeing Ottawa blanketed in snow has helped me to feel more at home here. I’m also excited to be doing my first poetry reading in my new hometown, courtesy of local poetry outfit, Bywords. I was excited to have my poem, Confessional, featured on their site in December, and I’m now looking forward […]

“After The Mountain”

McGill-Queen’s University Press recently released Failure’s Opposite, a collection of essays on the work of Canadian poet A.M. Klein, edited by Sherry Simon and Norman Ravvin. Klein was ahead of his time, using his mixed Jewish/francophone/anglophone background to develop a hybrid poetic language that Quebec English-language poets are just beginning to pay tribute to today. […]